More than a security company

As former red teamers, we have spent years assessing directory infrastructures. What did we learn during all of these missions? Cosmetic measures will not keep attackers out of your network.

Determined to make a difference

Let’s be honest, we cannot win the cyberwar alone. We have created a highly collaborative environment and exchange daily with our partners in the security domain.

Building a safe-heaven

We are diverse, open-minded and perfectionist security addicts. We look for teammates that will push us to work smarter and harder to kick attackers butts.


Leading CyberSecurity Expert

Real-time analysis with continous improvements

Classic security audits do not meet the security requirements of directory infrastructures. As they handle many sensitive ressources, you need to be informed right-away when a vulnerability appears on your network.

Immediate and effective protection for directory infrastructures

Because detection is not enough to efficiently protect directory infrastructure, DSC is offering insightful and precise recommandations to assist your teams.

Stay compliant with regulations

Various regulations and industry standards such as PCI DSS, SANS Critical Security Controls or French LPM request the monitoring of users and protection of the directory infrastructure.

Integrated threats detection alerts

Many companies are using SIEM solutions to manage incidents on their infrastructure. As we think security products should not add substantial operational costs.

What our clients say